This conference aims at collating the latest developments in laser technologies and their applications of the compact laser systems by the integration of knowledges. Papers are solicited on, but not limited to, the following topics:


  • ATiny integrated lasers

    • Pumping source of miniature lasers
    • Giant pulse generation from ubiquitous devices.
    • Integration of miniature lasers for high power generation
    • Design concepts and simulations for integrated power lasers
  • BOptical materials for tiny integrated lasers

    • Performance of optical materials
    • Laser grade ceramics
    • Nonlinear optical materials
    • Material processes for power lasers
  • CLaser induced phenomena by power miniature lasers

    • Laser induced breakdown
    • Laser cavitation
    • Laser acceleration
    • Nonlinear optics (VUV, VIS, IR, MIR, THz)
  • DApplication of tiny integrated lasers

    • Laser ignition for green innovations
    • Laser ignition for aerospace applications
    • Laser diagnostics / Remote sensing
    • Laser processing and optical bio-genetics