This conference aims at collating the latest developments in power lasers and laser technologies that facilitate ubiquitous laser systems. Also, applications of ubiquitous power lasers will be discussed. Papers are solicited on, but not limited to, the following topics:


  • AHigh brightness compact laser sources

    • Micro solid-state photonics: Laser crystals, ceramics, and microdomain controlled materials.
    • Giant micro-photonics: Giant pulse (peak power > 1 MWatt) generation from micro photonics.
    • High power and reliable laser sources: VCSELs, DFB and VBG based diodes, fiber sources, etc.
    • Other power lasers for ubiquitous use.
    • High power laser designs: Cavity design, amplifier design, optics design.
  • BLaser ignitions and combustions

    • Fundamental studies for ignition and combustion.
    • Advanced ignition systems: Lean-burn, high EGR, dilute combustion, etc.
    • Laser ignition in aerospace applications: Low-density combustion, hypersonics, etc.
    • Laser ignition of energetic materials: Ignition of solid propellants using lasers, etc.
    • Space / ballistic applications, etc.
  • CLaser induced phenomena

    • Detonation, ablation, breakdown, ultrasonic generation, etc.
    • Frequency conversions: HHG, OPG, and the wave generation from VUV to THz region, etc.
    • Laser damage: fundamental physics, practical systems.
    • High power laser processes: large scale material polishing and coating, etc.
  • DNovel Applications

    • Energy: engine ignition in power plants, ignition for fusion, particle acceleration, etc.
    • Manufacturing: laser peening, laser forming, laser polishing, and other advanced laser processes.
    • Brain and Health: opto-genetics, therapy, drag delivery, etc.
    • Sensing: LIDAR, LIBS, mass spectroscopy, gas sensing, mid-IR to THz imaging, etc.
    • Space applications: space debris, rocket attitude control and driving, etc.